Final individual images will be cropped closer for each print/product but will include entire body.
For final group/team images, any area outside of the background and white floor will be made white.
See examples at the end of this gallery.
ORDERING - tcp-photography.com/orderform
If you'd like to order from more than one image, please either submit one order form for each image, or place one order form and include in the Comments which image goes with which prints/products.
DEADLINE TO ORDER (and be included with the main batch of orders): End of the day Fri May 26.
If you order after that, you may have to pick up the order from TCP in the Lansing area or pay for the order to be shipped.
After the main batch of orders is returned, you can purchase prints and buttons from this website and they'll be shipped to you (shipping charge applies).
517-282-2500 [email protected]